Under the word mark  ROTISOL® we are producing liquid external mould release agents with waxes or oils.

The main focus is on mould release agents for the automotive-, plastic-, rubber- and timber industry.

ROTISOL® mould release agents are:

water based formulations

Further products in our portfolio are:

Mould release agents and anti-corossive agents in spraying tins

SILIKON SPRAY EXTRA, silicone mould release agent
ROTISOL® SPRAY GRÜN, mould release agent on vegetable oil basis
ROTIOSL® SPRAY PTFE, fat and silicone-free mould release agent
ROTISAN M1, anti-corrosive agent

Anti foams with silicones or on vegetable oils basis for:

industrial wastewater treatment also for high temperature ranges and expreme pH values
the agriculture, especially for biogas plants and liquid manures
for the textile and paper industry, tanneries, paints and varnishes

We deliver our worldwide clientele of almost all industries which apply mould release agents, anti foams and silicones. We consider ourselves as competent partner who solves individual requests and problems of our clients.

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