Slicone oil

Silicone oil is a crystal clear silicone liquid, which we offer in different viscosities from 0,65 mm²/s to 500.000 mm²/s.
The most important characteristics of silicone oil are:

Low variation of the physical properties in a large
operable temperature range.

Relative gently inclined of the viscosity/temperature curve
and processable between – 40 °C and + 200 °C.

Excellent hydrophobic properties .

Good dielectric properties in a large range of temperature
and frequency.

Low surface tension; through moistening of clean surfaces will be attained a good
hydrophobic effect and redeemableness.

At an employment above 10 mm²/s shows silicone oil a high heat resistance, oxidation resistance, extremely low vapor pressure and high flashpoints. The material is not mixable with organic liquids – excepting active dissolvers – not greasing, will not rancid and is practically inodorous.

Due to this unique combination of excellent properties, silicone oil is convenient for a large range of applications as well as a large assortment of products and procedures as mould release agent, lubricant, anti foam, mechanical oil (for example hydraulic stabilizer), surface active medium, lubrication solvent, as additive in polishes and chemical special products.