Silicone oil- emulsions

We are offering different types.
Our silicone oil-emulsions are water soluble and non ionic.

The employment of silicone oil-emulsions is large.
Basically they are employed as:

- Mould release agent and lubricant at the vulcanisation /
  hot demoulding of parts of caoutchouc

- Mould release agent and lubricant for extruded parts of
  caoutchouc and conveyor belts

- Mould release and gliding agent for parts of polyethylene,
  polystyrene, nylon, polyamide, PVC etc.

- Gliding agent at the production of textile and yarns to
  protect the needles of early wear

- As water repellent additive in polishes
  (Car/furniture etc. to give more brightness)

- Gliding agent between plastic and metal at rolls, knifes etc.