About us

The Robert Timm GmbH is a medium-sized business with 65 years experience in the production of mould release agents which we deliver under the trademark ROTISOL ®.

We started 1936 with the production of emulsions in the range of feeding stuff and foods. Since 1939 we have extended the production to the technical range. Today we are supplying all over the world to well known companies our water-based emulsions, which are completed through silicone oils and anti foams.

The export of our products amount to more than 60 %.
Based in the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg, we are able to sell at a good price and deliver fast by truck or ship to overseas in all continents.

Our clientele extend to the most part of industries which employed mould release agents, especially to producer of pressed parts of plastic, wood, rubber and caoutchouc, metal as well as candle makers. We are producing also emulsions for other ranges.

We see us as competent partner who solves the problems and desires of our clientele with individual advice.