We deliver different types for the technical and the range of foods with and without silicone.
Technical Range:
- Effluent treatment
- Bitumen
- Print colours
- Tannery
- Resin
- Caoutchouc Industry
- Varnish Industry
- Latex Industry
- Glue Fabrication
- Mineral Nutrients Industry
- Paper Manufacture
- Cleaning and washing agents
- Starch Processing
- Textile Industry
Food Range:
- Cleaning of bottles, pipelines, tanks
- During the washing of fruits and vegetables
  before conservation (Especially potatoes)
- at the production of candies
- in the beverage industry

The antifoams must be added to the liquid. With the turbulence of the water or the liquid, the antifoam will be admixed very well. At fast mixture, the foam slashes and disappears. It is built a surface film, which brakes the surface tension of the bubbles and prevents before new foam.